Bushnell Building Code Blue


One of Springfield’s more beautiful downtown structures, the Historic Bushnell Building was built in 1893 and is registered on the Historic Registry of Buildings. This five story building has over 100,000 square feet and was home to the patent attorney of the Wright Brothers.

A complete restoration of its interior, exterior, and adjacent parking garage was completed as part of the Ohio Job Ready Site Grant project. C & N Contractors, Inc. was involved with preliminary planning and design which included design and construction to LEED standards. Many of the building components were bio-based products including insulation, floor finishes, and casework.


Other unique sustainable design elements include rain water collection for non-potable water use, heat generated by computer room equipment used to provide supplemental building heat, and surpassing initial expectations for reuse of existing building materials.

Existing architectural features discovered during demolition, were reused such as marble floors, tile designs, brick and stone walls, arches, and interior windows.

Over 330 wood windows replaced with hand crafted windows approved by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office and National Park Service.

All exterior masonry restored with decorative terra cotta being removed, mapped, restored, and reinstalled. Documentation is being finalized for submitting this project as a LEED Platinum.

70% of the total construction cost went to local subcontractors and suppliers.



  • Owner & Contact: James H. Lagos
  • Phone: 937-323-5555
  • Completion: 2012
  • Square Footage: 125,000
  • Cost: $8,100,000