Vision & Mission

Bushnell Building

At C & N Contractors, Inc., our vision is to expand our role as a leader in the construction industry by building lasting relationships with our valued clients on a solid foundation of uncompromising integrity.

C & N Contractors, Inc. builds relationships with its clients to ensure their complete satisfaction throughout their entire construction experience. This not only means that C & N Contractors, Inc. will deliver projects meeting our clients’ expectations, on time and on budget, but that clients will have complete confidence throughout the process of working with C & N Contractors, Inc., that risks have been managed and that reasonable contingencies have been taken into account.

C & N Contractors, Inc. values integrity.  Our practices are honest and our conduct is ethical.  While we are motivated by a fair return on our investment, we are always striving for win / win partnerships with our clients.

To this end, we are committed to effectively communicating to our clients the benefits of partnering with C & N Contractors, Inc.  We will strive to ensure our clients receive real and measurable value from our relationship.

Our associates are our most important resource in achieving our mission. At C & N Contractors, Inc., we focus on recruiting, developing and retaining associates with the skills and competencies required to maintain a dynamic corporate culture driven by the values of quality, innovation and safety. We provide our associates with the most effective tools and technologies required to further make certain our clients are satisfied with each phase of their working partnership with C & N Contractors, Inc.