Bonding, Insurance, Finance

Bushnell Building

C & N Contractors, Inc. maintains all necessary liability coverage needed on projects.  We also require all subcontractors to meet these standard prior to utilizing their services on any project.

Our Ohio based Bonding Company, Inc. is rated by Standard & Poors as AA-(Very Strong).  Regular reviews throughout the year of C & N Contractors, Inc.’s financials are preformed by our bonding company to warrant our solid financial health.

C & N Contractors, Inc. also maintains banking relationships with a number of financial institutions for our corporate operational needs such as checking, savings, equipment and vehicle financing and working capital lines.

C & N Contractors, Inc. is a privately held corporation.  Financial Statements are not available for public disclosure, however, comfort letters are obtained from our Certified Public Accountant for clients on our financial data compared to industry metrics.

C & N Contractors, Inc. has experienced steady, planned, controlled growth over the past 5 years.  Since 2003, our sales volume for completed construction has grown by 125%, or a 25% annual increase.