Springfield Museum of Art – Project Scope

The Springfield Museum of Art Infusion & Interface Campus Project was a Construction Project that blended a modernization of the museum’s conference rooms along with renovations to the auditorium and ADA upgrades to the existing museum campus. Some unique specialties were also included in this project such as a new loft to the museum, a new art gallery display system and a dance stage. Other upgrades included landscaping to the campus, HVAC and electrical updates.

In total over 30 rooms were included in this project for flooring, lighting and acoustical ceilings as well as the entrance floor corridors. This project covered in excess of 13,000 square foot of space for the Springfield Museum and the School of Arts.

Fire wall installation was completed to conform to local building code along with sound insulation on some select rooms that were upgraded for the musical usage. In order to display students work projects, some 200 foot of aluminum track was installed along with hanger cables and support hooks for the art work.

The work for this project was completed during normal museum operations. There was no interruption to the museums programs and exhibitions during the course of renovation. This was extremely critical to the Springfield Museum of Art. The Springfield Museum of Art houses a permanent collection of exquisite American Art collection, which is open to the public for their enjoyment.