Mahle Loading Dock Openings

Mahle- Xenia

C&N Contractors were able to meet the growing needs of Mahle by increasing their facilities loading dock openings and making their space compatible with increased requirements. C&N Contractors designed and implemented the structural designs for new dock openings.

The job required their openings to be increased by one foot on each side making them 9’X10’. In order to do so, existing steel lintel was torch cut and removed, and replaced with a new steel angle system that acted as a temporary shoring and the permanent steel to support the over 20’ block walls.  This design allowed for reduced cost and early completion of the project.  C&N self-performed the demolition, masonry, structural steel erection, and painting work for additional cost savings to the owner.


Ohio Valley Medical Center

Ohio Valley Medical Center- Breast Cancer Center

C&N Contractors were called upon build their brand new Breast Center.  Ohio Valley Medical Center is proud to be the first in the region to host new technology including their 3-D mammogram system and Whole Breast ultrasound.  Both doctors and nurses are extremely excited to bring quality and more efficient care to their patients.  C&N contractors brought this dream to life in a timely matter by working weekends and evenings to ensure a smooth transition as we built the state of the art center from the ground up.


Memorial Hospital of Union County

Memorial Hospital of Union County – Administration Office Alteration

This project was completed on a seventy-five day schedule and included working under a heliport that was in use throughout. What made this interesting was the new windows that were cut into the walls had to have expertly installed shoring to support the structural integrity of the building while the helicopters were in use.

The project size was 11,000 square feet on the second floor of the Hospital. It included complete renovation of the administrative office space.  Demolition took everything down to a clean slate and then the construction brought it back to fully usable space.  It included the reception area, the work room, the Board room, the employee lounge, and all adjoining spaces.

Jeff York, Vice President of Construction, was the Project Manager for this project.        Terry Davidson also served on this project as superintendent.

Memorial hospital


Itinerant Studio

Itinerant Studio – Tennant Fit Out – Winchester Building

C&N Contractors treats their work as artisans. But our “art” is different than what most people think of as art.  So, when we had the opportunity to work with and for artists, we were appreciative of their work.  As it turns out, they were also appreciative of our work.

Vicki Rulli and Tom Heaphy started Itinerant Studio in 2004 and it has been on a rising trajectory ever since. The Studio is a production art studio creating original and limited edition mixed media works using a variety of techniques and materials that serves the design and wholesale trade.  Itinerant Studio is a production art studio creating original and limited edition mixed media works using a variety of techniques and materials that serves the design and wholesale trade.

When they purchased the 100 year old Winchester Building at 149 West Jefferson Street, they turned to C&N Contractors to help them fit out the building to their needs. C&N constructed two rooms – a Shop Room and a Flatbed Printer Room – with metal studs, insulation, and gypsum board.  Included in the work were two overhead steel doors, cleaning and servicing the unit heaters, install new 200 amp electrical service, and lighting installation.  The Flatbed Printer Room is critical to the operation of Itinerant Studio and the cleanliness and environment of the room must have the utmost integrity.

Taylor Van Vliet was the Project Manager, and Terry Davidson was the Superintendent for this job.

FC Industries

FC Industries – Rebar Testing Laboratory

How do you connect C&N Contractors to the nuclear energy of the world? It does not take six degrees of separation steps to accomplish this.

When FC Industries decided to create a new Rebar Testing Laboratory, Steve Vaughn turned to C&N Contractors to help them deliver this design/build project. The FC Industries Lab tests the tensile strength of rebar (up to 2 ½ inches in diameter) used in the construction of nuclear energy plants throughout the world.  Viola! There lies C&N’s connection to nuclear energy of the world.

The lab features a 16 foot tall by 8 foot wide coiling overhead door and a 20 foot high ceiling and 21 foot high over the rebar testing equipment. C&N poured two isolated 5,000 pounds per square inch reinforced concrete foundations within the laboratory to accommodate the needs of the specific testing equipment specifications. The larger of the two foundations is 8’6” by 8’6” by 4’4” deep.  C&N Contractors reduced the cost to the customer by self-performing the reinforced concrete foundations, structural steel erection, wall, doors, window, and ceiling construction.

FC Industries is a family of manufacturing companies that has been family owned since 1972. Now in its second generation of family ownership and management, FC has become a metal manufacturing powerhouse! The members of this family of companies are AFC Tool Company, Dayton Precision Aerospace, AFC Stamping and Production, and BarSplice.

Taylor Van Vliet was the Project Manager and Terry Davidson the Project Superintendent.


C&N Contractors makes an effort to be involved in the community.  Here are some organizations we are apart of:

  • Springfield/Clark County Safety Control
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce