Concrete Pour (Bushnell Building)

Bushnell Building Sidewalk Concrete Pour 2021

C & N Contractors has been given the great opportunity to help complete another project for the Bushnell building including renovations and additions. We were able to complete the brand-new sidewalk that leads from N. Fountain Ave. to one of the bigger event room entrances on the west side of the building. This project was a concrete pour that averaged about 2,000 square ft of concrete next to the side of the building which connects to the small brick patio under the Greetings from Springfield, Ohio mural. 

The Bushnell building has been in Springfield since 1893 and has had many renovations during those last 128 years. While some of those renovations have been completed by us in regards to the exterior of the building including this small concrete pouring project. 

SMHA Scattered Site

C & N Contractors were awarded a contract for the Springfield Metropolitan Housing Authority. This project included:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete work
  • New doors
  • New windows
  • New ceilings
  • New bathroom
  • New electrical
  • New plumbing
  • New painting

When the large project was completed, C&N was proud to be a part of the process including all the scattered sites for SMHA as this project was a Modernization 1-million-dollar project.

The Springfield Metropolitan Housing Authority has multiple locations all over the Springfield area.  SMHA provides housing for families that are not able to afford it and once again become self-sufficient. This housing association is known for their community aspect and their family organizations.

C&N Contractors were able to provide a new safe environment for all the families of the SMHA community.

Construction Video: Greater Springfield Partnership

What it is: An Expand talent initiative in the Greater Springfield community created 16 videos of trade jobs around the area. These videos are made to inspire soon-to-graduate high school students find their passion in trade work. The host, Tim Elliot, specifically discusses Architecture and Construction jobs in Springfield.  In the video, he highlights C & N Contractors, a construction business that interested students may wish to join. Tim talked with two of our supervisors, Doug Garrett and John Cody, about their experiences working at C & N Contractors.  John and Doug expressed the skills and mindset needed as well as the desire to learn which are all essential to be a member of the C & N Contractors’ team. Enjoy this video and learn more about what is needed to work for C & N Contractors.