F.O.E. Shelter- Springfield


F.O.E. Shelter – Springfield

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a non- profit charitable organization that uses their resources to aid others in need. C&N Contractors was called upon when the F.O.E Aerie #396 outdoor shelter on Selma Road was badly damaged by weather. C&N believes in building lasting relationships with clients through uncompromising integrity, and what better way to show that than to partner with an organization with similar beliefs.

Because of the extensive structural and roof damage, the project started with the demolition of the existing roof. This included complete removal of the damaged roof’s trusses and sheathing. Next, it was important that brand new trusses and sheathing were installed in order to guarantee reliable support for the new roof of the shelter. C&N Contractors added felt to the structure before adding on the new roof which consisted of sturdy asphalt shingles. The roof was finished with a length of 168 feet, width of 40 feet, and covered 3,360 square feet.

New electrical wiring was placed throughout the shelter along with the installment of light bulbs. Also, the addition of new gutters & downspouts will ensure that the shelter will have the appropriate drainage. The F.O.E can now hold their meetings and gatherings under a new and reliable shelter.


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