Trench Drain Removal and Replacement- Springfield,Ohio

Trench Drain Removal and Replacement – Springfield, Ohio

US Xpress was founded in 1986 and started with only 48 trucks. Their fleet has since grown to an astounding 7,000 tractors and over 15,000 trailers. They have locations in many different cities across America, including here in Springfield. Their Springfield location on Leffel Lane is an enterprise terminal and is used for servicing the trucks that pick up and deliver shipments across the country. US Xpress chose C&N Contractors to assist with the removal and replacement of a trench drain within the terminal.

This project began with demolishing and removing the existing trench drain and surrounding concrete. The old drain was replaced by installing 95 feet of heavy duty trench drain along with a rail system for safety and vandal proof grates. We had to reroute the existing trench which was originally 4 inches deep and under the office floor to the storage room.  We also installed rebar dowels in the concrete every 16 inches around the perimeter for guaranteed reinforcement. Lastly, high early concrete was poured to create a hard trowel finish that gives a smooth and polished appearance. The finished project was a 24 foot drain and was 10 inches deep. C&N strives to ensure that every project is finished with high quality and safety.



Northridge United Methodist Church- New Monument Sign

Northridge United Methodist Church – New Monument Sign

The Northridge United Methodist Church located on Derr Road has been a mainstay in the Springfield community for decades. C&N Contractors was contacted when the foundation of the church’s welcome sign began to deteriorate. We were pleased to do our part to help build a unique and inviting sign that will welcome people for years to come.

Wind and rain throughout the years caused the foundation of the sign to weaken and become unstable. C&N started the project by completing the masonry work, which included adding stucco to build a strong and durable foundation that can endure all weather conditions. The sign is an 8 by 11 foot monument that features a 2 by 8 foot LED message board with many capabilities. The electronic sign will be able to display text and pictures that will attract and inform the people passing by the church. The images will only change by fading or dissolving and is placed about 75 feet from the street to prevent distraction. This sign has unique features and a strong foundation that allows for the NUMC location to be visible while traveling on Derr Road.

Ferncliff Cemetery-Superintendent’s House

Ferncliff Cemetery – Superintendent’s House

Ferncliff Cemetery holds a special meaning to Springfield as it’s been an important part of the community for over 150 years. On the grounds of the cemetery stands what has been known as the Superintendent’s house. Constructed in 1890, the historic home housed the families of the cemetery’s ground superintendent. The home sat empty for approximately 20 years, and was in need of major renovations. C&N Contractors, Inc. was honored to be chosen as a contractor for the renovation to this historic structure. The building will be called “The House of Reflections”. The beautiful house will now be used as a final resting place containing 368 backlit, beveled, glass-fronted niches for placement of urns.

Both interior and exterior renovations were done to completely restore the house. Requiring upgrades for not only electrical, lighting fixtures, service panels and outlets, the work included new flooring and refurbishing of wood doors. Most of the original hardware was able to be salvaged and reused. There is now an addition of a stone side porch leading to the two new modern bathrooms. Interior improvements also included completing the kitchen with new cabinets and countertops, and the complete repair and painting of all walls and some new drywall throughout has transformed the interior look of the house.

One of the exterior improvements to the house is a new clay tile roof. We also installed a beautiful copper flashing that will not only prevent leaks between the roofing tiles and rafters, it brings on an accent of light. New downspouts were also put on the house to ensure drainage from storms. Also new windows installed help give the house an improved and updated look that will make visitors feel more comfortable. C&N Contractors was privileged to be a part of this project that will benefit the people of Springfield for years to come and preserve just one more of the outstanding old structures for our future generations to also enjoy.



Project Woman- Springfield


Project Woman- Springfield

Project Woman uses its facilities to provide services and programs to create a community free of domestic violence & sexual assault. Their efforts have helped many women over the years through services such as, emergency shelters, counseling, support groups, and a safe transitional housing program. Springfield is lucky to have such an organization as Project Woman in our community and C&N Contractors was pleased to be a part of the renovation and the fulfilling of some of their wishes for updates.

Multiple buildings at the Springfield High Street site needed both interior and exterior renovations. The Manor house received new flooring, installation of new water heaters and new plumbing. Renovations also included structural repairs to the front porch, the addition of a new storm door and the repair/ replacement of gutters and downspouts. The roof was re-shingled and brick-tuck pointing was completed to maintain moisture control due to weather.

Another property known as the Carriage House needed similar repairs such as the installation of new eaves, gutters, and downspouts. The stucco on the house had become deteriorated, so it was repaired along with an entire reroofing. The exterior doors were replaced with insulated doors, as well as the addition of new storm doors. Painting of the doors, windows, and trim brightened the exterior with the curb appeal of a warm welcome.

C&N also made renovations to the inside of the Carriage House as well. This included new flooring, new cabinetry, restroom vanities, sinks and commodes in multiple units throughout the house.




F.O.E. Shelter- Springfield


F.O.E. Shelter – Springfield

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a non- profit charitable organization that uses their resources to aid others in need. C&N Contractors was called upon when the F.O.E Aerie #396 outdoor shelter on Selma Road was badly damaged by weather. C&N believes in building lasting relationships with clients through uncompromising integrity, and what better way to show that than to partner with an organization with similar beliefs.

Because of the extensive structural and roof damage, the project started with the demolition of the existing roof. This included complete removal of the damaged roof’s trusses and sheathing. Next, it was important that brand new trusses and sheathing were installed in order to guarantee reliable support for the new roof of the shelter. C&N Contractors added felt to the structure before adding on the new roof which consisted of sturdy asphalt shingles. The roof was finished with a length of 168 feet, width of 40 feet, and covered 3,360 square feet.

New electrical wiring was placed throughout the shelter along with the installment of light bulbs. Also, the addition of new gutters & downspouts will ensure that the shelter will have the appropriate drainage. The F.O.E can now hold their meetings and gatherings under a new and reliable shelter.