Northridge United Methodist Church- New Monument Sign

Northridge United Methodist Church – New Monument Sign

The Northridge United Methodist Church located on Derr Road has been a mainstay in the Springfield community for decades. C&N Contractors was contacted when the foundation of the church’s welcome sign began to deteriorate. We were pleased to do our part to help build a unique and inviting sign that will welcome people for years to come.

Wind and rain throughout the years caused the foundation of the sign to weaken and become unstable. C&N started the project by completing the masonry work, which included adding stucco to build a strong and durable foundation that can endure all weather conditions. The sign is an 8 by 11 foot monument that features a 2 by 8 foot LED message board with many capabilities. The electronic sign will be able to display text and pictures that will attract and inform the people passing by the church. The images will only change by fading or dissolving and is placed about 75 feet from the street to prevent distraction. This sign has unique features and a strong foundation that allows for the NUMC location to be visible while traveling on Derr Road.

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