Ferncliff Cemetery-Superintendent’s House

Ferncliff Cemetery – Superintendent’s House

Ferncliff Cemetery holds a special meaning to Springfield as it’s been an important part of the community for over 150 years. On the grounds of the cemetery stands what has been known as the Superintendent’s house. Constructed in 1890, the historic home housed the families of the cemetery’s ground superintendent. The home sat empty for approximately 20 years, and was in need of major renovations. C&N Contractors, Inc. was honored to be chosen as a contractor for the renovation to this historic structure. The building will be called “The House of Reflections”. The beautiful house will now be used as a final resting place containing 368 backlit, beveled, glass-fronted niches for placement of urns.

Both interior and exterior renovations were done to completely restore the house. Requiring upgrades for not only electrical, lighting fixtures, service panels and outlets, the work included new flooring and refurbishing of wood doors. Most of the original hardware was able to be salvaged and reused. There is now an addition of a stone side porch leading to the two new modern bathrooms. Interior improvements also included completing the kitchen with new cabinets and countertops, and the complete repair and painting of all walls and some new drywall throughout has transformed the interior look of the house.

One of the exterior improvements to the house is a new clay tile roof. We also installed a beautiful copper flashing that will not only prevent leaks between the roofing tiles and rafters, it brings on an accent of light. New downspouts were also put on the house to ensure drainage from storms. Also new windows installed help give the house an improved and updated look that will make visitors feel more comfortable. C&N Contractors was privileged to be a part of this project that will benefit the people of Springfield for years to come and preserve just one more of the outstanding old structures for our future generations to also enjoy.



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