Trench Drain Removal and Replacement- Springfield,Ohio

Trench Drain Removal and Replacement – Springfield, Ohio

US Xpress was founded in 1986 and started with only 48 trucks. Their fleet has since grown to an astounding 7,000 tractors and over 15,000 trailers. They have locations in many different cities across America, including here in Springfield. Their Springfield location on Leffel Lane is an enterprise terminal and is used for servicing the trucks that pick up and deliver shipments across the country. US Xpress chose C&N Contractors to assist with the removal and replacement of a trench drain within the terminal.

This project began with demolishing and removing the existing trench drain and surrounding concrete. The old drain was replaced by installing 95 feet of heavy duty trench drain along with a rail system for safety and vandal proof grates. We had to reroute the existing trench which was originally 4 inches deep and under the office floor to the storage room.  We also installed rebar dowels in the concrete every 16 inches around the perimeter for guaranteed reinforcement. Lastly, high early concrete was poured to create a hard trowel finish that gives a smooth and polished appearance. The finished project was a 24 foot drain and was 10 inches deep. C&N strives to ensure that every project is finished with high quality and safety.



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