The Gammon House – Springfield, OH

A historic landmark in Springfield, the Gammon House, was recently gifted funding for an accessible ramp by the Springfield Rotary. C&N Contractors was honored to be a part of the construction of the ramp. Pictured above is the groundbreaking ceremony.

The project included new concrete stairs, walkway and ramp that connected from the back of the house to the sidewalk in the front of the house. The new concrete steps were built off an existing 5×5 sidewalk and connected to a concrete landing located off the back of the historic house. A 5’x22’ concrete ramp was built off the landing with 1.5” circular aluminum handrails on each side. The aluminum rails were important in preserving the Gammon House’s historic aesthetics. Another 10’x25’ concrete ramp was built off an existing sidewalk in front of the house. Both ramps were supported with 8” retaining walls. C&N Contractors was happy to be a part of this project that made a historic Underground Railroad site accessible to more visitors. The Gammon house was a safe haven for slaves on their journey toward freedom and is an important part of Springfield and United States history.

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