Our Projects

Parker Store – Triad Technologies

ParkerStore-Triad Technologies

This International retail chain decided to open a new store location in Springfield, OH to further their thriving business. Anderson Enterprises had the right building. Their 21,000 SF mixed use building was located just off I-70.  They wanted to divide this building into multiple retail spaces.  It was previously used as a grocery store, bingo hall, and most recently vacant.  When building owner, Anderson Enterprises, needed to construct a store for ParkerStores’ expanding business, they turned to C&N Contractors to construct this turnkey design/build project.

A great deal of the work went into the construction project. We had to design, procure permits, rezone, and complete construction in a short period of time.  To add to the challenge, we worked around ParkerStore as they brought in merchandise for their new store.  The project was completed on schedule for the ParkerStore grand opening.  Triad Technologies was pleased with the space and has indicated that sales have increased substantially in the new environment.  Anderson Enterprises immediately asked C&N to construct a second space for future tenant to rent.  We are in the process of building another tenant space.

Taylor Van Vliet was the Project Manager for this job.

Entrepreneurial Business Award

award.pngC&N Contractors Receives 2016 Entrepreneurial Business Award

Work on the historic Bushnell Building in downtown Springfield cited as top reason

Springfield, Ohio March 28, 2016:  The 2016 Entrepreneurial Business Award, presented by the Junior Achievement of the Mad River Region will go to C&N Contractors of Springfield, Ohio.  President and CEO, Plato Pavlatos, stated, “We are honored to receive this prestigious award.  We are proud of the work we did as general contractor on the Bushnell Building project and what it means to downtown Springfield and our region.  The platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is indicative of the importance of this project to our community.”

Founded in 1961, C & N Contractors, Inc. has been a member of the Springfield/Clark County Community providing premier General Construction, New Construction, Renovation, Restoration, Green Construction, Additions, Commercial Construction, Design-Build, Project Management and Construction Management services for the Southwestern Ohio and Central Ohio regions as well as Indiana and Kentucky.


Miami Metropolitian Housing Authority Improvement

Miami Metropolitian Housing- Troy, OH

C&N completed structural concrete repairs to the Miami Metropolitan Housing Authority entrances along with building envelope repairs.

Miami Metropolitian Housing sought after a company to improve their exterior while maintaining the foundation their organization was built on.  C&N Contractors saw this as an opportunity to improve and create an everlasting impact on the community.

This job required the new gutters, downspouts, and the addition of decorative metals to enhance the appeal and usage of the exterior.  Our team finished with our finest painting and coating to make the building shine with our delicate touch.

Municipal Airport Maintenance Hangar

Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport Maintenance Hangar

C&N contractors performed structural repairs to the exterior masonry walls and applied  an EIFS system to the exterior walls of the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport maintenance hangar.  The building was renovated for Champion City Aviation, a flight school that houses and maintains several airplanes.


Veterans Park

Veterans Park- Springfield, OH

Veterans Park is an important piece in the heart of Springfield, OH.  It is the setting for many family gatherings, concerts, performances, and a go-to spot for the Springfield community to snap monumental photos.  C&N Contractors were the only ones for the job because we hold this space dear to our hearts and strive to improve our beloved community.

We made improvements to the concession stand and outdoor facilities by replacing bathroom doors, updating the landscaping, and improving all exterior units.

Mahle Loading Dock Openings

Mahle- Xenia

C&N Contractors were able to meet the growing needs of Mahle by increasing their facilities loading dock openings and making their space compatible with increased requirements. C&N Contractors designed and implemented the structural designs for new dock openings.

The job required their openings to be increased by one foot on each side making them 9’X10’. In order to do so, existing steel lintel was torch cut and removed, and replaced with a new steel angle system that acted as a temporary shoring and the permanent steel to support the over 20’ block walls.  This design allowed for reduced cost and early completion of the project.  C&N self-performed the demolition, masonry, structural steel erection, and painting work for additional cost savings to the owner.


Ohio Valley Medical Center

Ohio Valley Medical Center- Breast Cancer Center

C&N Contractors were called upon build their brand new Breast Center.  Ohio Valley Medical Center is proud to be the first in the region to host new technology including their 3-D mammogram system and Whole Breast ultrasound.  Both doctors and nurses are extremely excited to bring quality and more efficient care to their patients.  C&N contractors brought this dream to life in a timely matter by working weekends and evenings to ensure a smooth transition as we built the state of the art center from the ground up.


Memorial Hospital of Union County

Memorial Hospital of Union County – Administration Office Alteration

This project was completed on a seventy-five day schedule and included working under a heliport that was in use throughout. What made this interesting was the new windows that were cut into the walls had to have expertly installed shoring to support the structural integrity of the building while the helicopters were in use.

The project size was 11,000 square feet on the second floor of the Hospital. It included complete renovation of the administrative office space.  Demolition took everything down to a clean slate and then the construction brought it back to fully usable space.  It included the reception area, the work room, the Board room, the employee lounge, and all adjoining spaces.

Jeff York, Vice President of Construction, was the Project Manager for this project.        Terry Davidson also served on this project as superintendent.

Memorial hospital